2020 – What a year!

We concluded our last blog post by saying that we would not commit to a date for the next blog post, and with hindsight, that was an apt thing to conclude with – in April 2019.

Rewinding back to what happened in 2019, we attended all the shows we normally attend, and as an addendum, we joined our friends from Motivation Romania to run the 10k Bucharest race in October 2019, which was tremendously exciting!

Running in the Bucharest 10K race for Motivation Romania

We were really looking forward to an energetic 2020, and 2020 did have a very energetic start for us. Thankfully, we got to see all the groups that organise the Potato Day events throughout the North West, which was lovely. At around the time we finished our winter events Covid-19 started to become an unwelcome presence, and everything changed.

The tulips we grew for the Tulip open weekend in 2020 did better than ever (obviously!), and the weather for the weekend we should have held the event was warm and glorious (obviously!). And the two of us really admired all the 10000 tulips we had planted for the event, but sadly, no one else could.

Tulip Flaming Spring Green

Tulips in full flow

Much will have been written about and reflected on regarding the March 2020 – April 2021 period, from the perspective of small businesses. The most important point for us is that we were very grateful for the support of our customers locally and from further afield. The sense of being part of a community has never been more tangible. Thank you to all who have been in touch and continued to support us.

And that takes us nicely to the Tulip open weekend/open garden event on 10th – 11th April, 2021. We were delighted to see good friends and lovely customers we have not seen in a long time. The sun shone, most of the tulips were opened as planned and despite the social distancing and the very small family groups allowed as per the rules at the time, the weekend had a semblance of the past normality we have all been craving for.

And we have raised £385.00 for Rosemere Cancer Foundation with the raffle for the allotment hamper, taking us to a fantastic total of £2,111 raised for Rosemere so far. Mum, dad, young David and younger Albert – the winners of the raffle were particularly happy with the apple tree and redcurrant bush included in the hamper – we think we will be seeing them again at our events!

Thank you again to our fantastic helpers and volunteers, family and friends who know who they are and without whom our events would not be what they are!

Going forward, it is obvious that the extent to which the Blog section of our website is kept updated is highly questionable! But the likelihood is that we’re still here, still growing fruit and veg on our allotment, still growing plants for shows and events, developing the business and the nursery and still planning public events. So if you have any questions or need to get in touch, please do so!