Our latest News

Our worries were confirmed this weekend, when some of you who visited this weekend pointed out that we have not posted anything on the blog section of our website for a year: people DO read our blog posts!

And just to put your minds at rest, we would like to take this opportunity to let you know that Brighter Blooms is alive and kicking and busier than ever! In response to your questions yesterday, yes, we did exhibit again at Chelsea Flower Show 2018 – and yes, we will have a Zantedeschia display again at Chelsea Flower Show in 2019.

In other Brighter Blooms news, as of November 2018 we have welcomed a new member of the team (another Matt!) and that has made a big difference at the nursery. We tried, but couldn’t persuade Matt that including his photo in our blog post would be a good idea.

Not long after, in December, we had to say goodbye to another member of the team, Warren – the white van. But sadly, we couldn’t, because the person who took Warren-the-white-van (without our consent!), did so before we had the chance to say goodbye. It is hard to guess where in the world Warren might now be, or as how many spare parts supporting other Transit vans in the North West, but we will always remember him as a good, reliable member of the team.

Fast forward to 2019, we were delighted seeing friends from the groups who organise potato days in Greenodd, Shrewsbury, Marple, Crewe, Skelmersdale, Mold and Caldbeck. Although only once a year, it is nonetheless very exciting seeing everyone at the beginning of the year.

That brings us to this last weekend, when we kicked off the new season with our Tulip Open Weekend at our nursery in Preston. We would like to thank everyone who attended, despite the arctic temperatures! We had a great weekend, and it was lovely seeing local customers who support all our events, and also, friends who came from Harrogate and Caldbeck to see our tulips.

We are mindful that the events just wouldn’t be the same without the supply of tea, coffee and cake. As ever, all proceeds from the café go to the charities we support, the Rosemere Cancer Foundation and Motivation Romania. This year we’ve raised a fantastic £497.79 from the sale of drinks and cakes and £170.00 from the raffle. We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all our customers for their generosity and to assure you that both charities appreciate the support and put the money to good use. Jane from Warrington won the raffle prize (and when we rang to let her know, she didn’t really believe that to start with!).

But the café would not happen without the help and support of the volunteer bakers and volunteers to run it. Thank you very much to Susan for baking industrial quantities of cake, to the lovely ladies from Rosemere who came down and helped on the Saturday (Rebecca, Donna and Joan), Helen, for the Sunday baking and helping with the cafe, Ellie, our perennial supporter, and the other family, friends and colleagues who before they know it, get roped in to bake and/or run the café!

We are not going to commit to a date for our next blog post, but will try to not leave 12 months pass again. Meanwhile, keep an eye for the dates when we are open to the public next year, and we look forward to seeing everyone again early in 2020 if not before.