Growing at the nursery

After a rather intense run of flower shows, with very little time in between, we have finally found a few moments to write a quick update for our website.

Of course, at the flower shows, the public get to see the finished product – beautiful, colourful flowers. But the questions we are always ask is ‘Do you really grow them?’. And the answer is Yes. ‘…all of them?’. And the answer is Yes again.

Having grown Zantedeschias for 8 years now, we can share some of our secrets with you. We found that growing them somewhat cooler and slower results in a far better, sturdier plant, ready to face the UK climate. It is true, with sufficient heat and water, you could get the plants to flower in approximately 8 weeks. However, extending the growing period to 12 weeks yields far superior results.

The other important factor is watering. Only water as necessary. And, yes, this does mean we spend a lot of time checking if the plants are ready to be watered or not. But it is worth spending the time in this way. Excessive watering results in softer, drawn plants.

Since our website is already populated with a number of pictures from flower show, we have inserted a few ‘back office’ pictures here with batches of plants being grown for different shows and with Matthew checking individual plants to ensure they really do need watering!